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Hello everyone, my name is Luke and I am the owner of the restaurant La Liscia from Ori, where "Ori" is me. Ori stands for "Orazi", a name that here at Fano is now synonymous with quality, while La Liscia stands for "Mill Smooth", very nice name by which they call the near Fano Canale Albani or rather the water jump where there was once a mill. Describe my restaurant is easy: I defined "young restaurant priced youth", a restaurant to eat fish at the right price. The Smooth Da Ori is just a restaurant for everyone, because to be with people for me is not a job but a requirement. I wanted to impress my room in my image and likeness: a real restaurant, sincere, genuine, a place where you do not have to worry about anything. You can dress as you please, you can eat whatever you want (even a flat bread), you can invite all the friends I want just as if you were at home. And let's face it: Being at the table is a moment too good not to enjoy it fully. Relax and enjoy, because to do serious things we think the kitchen and the fishermen of Fano, that every day we bring fresh fish coming from our precious Adriatic Sea.

Luca Orazi

Some of our proposals

Restaurant La Liscia Da Ori

Brodetto Fanese

Brodetto Fanese

You know the Brodetto Fanese? The term "broth" is a soup of fresh fish caught in the Marche coast with four variants filed and formalized by the Academy of broth. Well, insidacabile judgment by the jury, our restaurant The Smooth - From mr. Ori Fano won the 2014 edition with the prize for best stew Fano.

Pesce fresco

Fresh fish

The fish caught, the fresh, not pork rinds! Maybe someone does not seem real to eat good fresh fish at a fair price and for everyone ... but it is so: the Smooth by Ori cook fresh fish, the poor, the good one, what the fishermen we deliver each day.

Fritto misto


Fried fried fried! But what could be more inviting than good and a good fried fish, freshly caught fried fish, fried crispy fragrant dry. You do not believe that is so good? Come and try us, and word of mouth: good things must be shared!

Typical restaurant in Fano? La Liscia speaks fishermen's dialect!

Via Giacomo Puccini, 2 - 61032 Fano (PU)

"J I sing fan and magn the fis know the man." Every so often we Fano we miss some nice phrase dialect. It's part of our being true, passionately connected to the city and unfamiliar formulas and ways too formal. And 'so that my clients become my friends, as well as my suppliers. The extra virgin olive oil, for example, is high quality and the purchase from my friend Michele Busca, while the wines are selected always thinking about the dishes that will accompany them. Even the choice of fish a few compromises: the fish I'll show fresh and our menu boasts a value record. If you want to eat typical Fano, then, you're in the right place with the grilled catch of the day, rice, or noodles with seafood passatelli and - on request - the famous Fish Soup Fanese, one of the most popular versions of the most common fish stock. Only we cook fish? in truth the Liscia di Fano you will also find vegetarian dishes. And for lovers of "meat"? For meat lovers may want to try our cut of beef in all versions as you want!

Ristorante La Liscia Da Ori